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Experiencing Life.

Years ago when I was a Senior in High School I met the most interesting girl. She was a foreign exchange student from Spain. Her parents were professors at the University in Paris and she was fluent in three languages; French, English and Spanish. The concept of travelling to another country to learn the culture and staying for a year with the hope of making a visit to Disney World was fascinating to me. You see, at that point in time the Internet didn’t exist. My generation learned about the world from Encyclopedia Britannica and Cheezy 1970’s to 1980’s movies and TV shows. Our world view was restricted to relatives and friends. It was a different era.

The year is 2020, our individual worlds have expanded. We have Google, Cable TV, the Internet, CSPAN and iPhones. Everything happening everywhere is at our fingertips. But, how much do we really know about the people who make our daily lives run smoothly, the ones we encounter in passing? How much do we know about our friends, family and neighbors? We lead busy lives. We have forgotten to some extent the art of conversation. We have forgotten to ask people who they are, what they have seen, and what they have done.

At a minimum, I hope that you as an individual listen to these stories and learn something you didn’t know about a person, a career, life or our history as a Nation. At the most, I hope to inspire you to question what you think you know. Will you take the time to see the bigger picture of our shared world as consisting of our differences and all that we have in common? I sincerely hope so. And, I hope that you will find your own path intertwined more tightly with those around you than you ever imagined to be possible.

Make Time.

Time is as variable as it is constant.

This statement seems ridiculous but for time it is true. We measure ourselves in hours, weeks, months and years. We daily look for changes in the face reflecting at us in the mirror and yearly reflect on changes we would like to see in who we are as people. We cross paths with acquaintances and friends marking the passage of time since we last encountered them. Time is used as a measurement for when we place a mark on the wall for how tall our children have grown. However constant time is in our lives it varies by the movement of life affecting what is inside and around us.

I published the first interview with Emily Kramer this week and I am almost finished mixing the audio for the interview with Laura King Edwards. Two remarkable women whose influence on the world around them has increased with the passage of time. For both of them, there was the time before significant events in their lives and there is the time that is now. They speak to how time has changed them.

Don’t let life pass you by without making a mark on the wall of the world for how much you have grown, using time as your pen and measuring stick.

Age Awaits.

Friday, I will be half a century old! I would never trade my Amazing Friends, the Life given me, or the people who have entered my “Love Circle”, for less silver hair or a flatter tummy. I have become less critical of others and kinder to myself as the years have passed. I learned to become my own friend and we even enjoy the silence together. I don’t berate myself for eating a few too many of my favorite cookies, not making my bed or an occasional financial spending spree to have something that I like. The miles on my feet and the scars from life’s, road mostly hidden to others, entitle me to make a mess or be extravagant, be outspoken or quiet and especially to make exits without permission. Too many people I have loved left this world before having the opportunity to understand the great freedoms that come with aging gracefully. One moment I might weep over a lost love and the next I might dance to an old song that brings me joy. It’s my choice because age awaits us all. Some might think that my age makes me forget things, but mostly I choose to forget, as some events in life are better if they are not remembered. I choose instead to only remember the important things because I have lived long enough to see beauty through fading eyes that somehow see more clearly with the passage of time. I appreciate being older and I like the person that I am becoming so I will not waste precious time with worry about tomorrows or lamenting nor regretting yesterdays. WE are all in God’s everlasting capable hands and HE is a just, capable and loving God.

Unexpected Things.

Life has a way of throwing curve balls. Something unexpected happens, we have to decide how to react. I met two amazing women whose positive reaction to a negative unexpected has touched the lives of millions. Sharon and Laura lost an immediate family member to a genetic disease but their willingness to sacrifice time, effort and money has furthered genetic research, advocacy laws and ultimately a clinical trial which will help generations to come. I hope that you will take the time to listen to their story which is aired in Season One:Episode Two. You will be in awe of the power of family love which creates a life mission that benefits humanity.

Hard Work.

This Podcast is a “Passion Project” . Sometimes in life we have moments when we realize that something needs to happen and if it is going to be done you have to step up to see it accomplished. It is extra work and sometimes long hours but we persevere because we believe in the importance. The importance might be pursuing a dream, validation for our soul, helping others or making a difference in the whole by sharing our talents or gifts.

I have just finished taping four interviews. The common theme is hard work, perseverance, and passion. If you are going to be successful at anything in life then be willing to put in the work, be willing to have challenges and obstacles that will require your perseverance, and be willing to explore until you find your passion- one thing that makes it all worthwhile.

I hope that you enjoy the interviews during the month of July and stay tuned because good things are coming!

Agony of Defeat.

Years ago there was a commercial for the Olympics. The announcer played on the audiences emotions with videos of successful athletes thrilled with victory as crowds cheered versus extreme failure as athletes tumbled down mountainsides or were being consoled during grief at great losses- “The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat” those words hauntingly spoken in the background. This is life, victories and agonizing defeats. This is the chrysalis of growth and change where we as humans learn to win and loose with equal grace and humility. This week I had an opportunity to speak with an acquaintance, friend and sorority sister, Corin Wallace, about success, failure, notoriety and anonymity. It was an interesting conversation, insightful, honest and very powerful on an emotional level. I hope that you enjoy the interview which is coming in August.

Empathy & Kindness & MMFI

A central theme for success in the current social construct is to utilize others as well as circumstances to advantage. It is refreshing to hear from the Gen-X’ers who have incorporated the life lessons of empathy and kindness toward others. Leaders of my generation who have realized that having a “leg-up” means giving a “leg-up” by supporting dreams. As Season One of this podcast progresses, the life lessons of women who are leaders in their careers and in society continues a theme of making those who come across their paths see individual inherent value and in a spirit of lifting others up their career and life focus has been of mutual helpfullness. MMFI- Make Me Feel Important is how they make those feel who cross their path.

Finding Your Inner Gift

Fall has arrived for a very unusual year. This is the time of year when we focus on Thankfullness. As part of the broadcast schedule and content for the final few interviews of Season One the focus is on those who have experienced life changes and how Thankfullness has shaped their world. I hope that you enjoy the interview with Lindsey Griffin as she talks about her journey of trust as she persued her journey for a career change, Roman Nagibin as he speaks about the differences in life between an industrial town in a war torn country and ultimately believing in his dream to dance and moving to the United States, and Lana Arnall speaking about adoption and being a foster mother to children with challenges. I hope that you find your way to give back and bless the world with your gift.

Endings and Beginnings

At the end of every year we find ourselves re-evaluating our lives. We spend time ruminating on the things that need growth and change. Fear and complacency have a part to play in the effort to move forward, the effort to find a new path of emergence. Sometimes its best to jump into something new and just see where you land. The ground beneath you might be solid or it might give away but at least you will know your limits and learn a new side to yourself that you may not have known. Season Two of this podcast is focusing on those who have leapt from the boat to walk on water. These individuals have found sucess by reaching beyond what were their perceived limitations. They speak of the trial and error of life and the need to break barriers. We all know that nothing in life is easy but anything that is truly worth having will take some extra effort.

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