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Runners of all levels of experience converge at Disney World to participate in race weekend in January. The 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon races are well managed and provide unique opportunities to interact with Disney characters and staff. A behind the scenes course which is updated every few years offers a glimpse into areas of the parks not typically seen by visitors. Join our guests as they share their experiences of “Running Disney”.
Join me for an in depth look into the topics of today which include History, Culture, Engineering, Economics and the Environment!
Award winning Silversmith Greg Segura talks about his design inspirations and his love of art.
Andrew is a self taught wire jewelry artist who resides in Montana. He shares his journey, inspiration and talent for the art of jewelry making.
Educated in Marketing and Interior Design, Sabrina found her passion in glass beads left over from a jewelry making project. Her two and three dimensional designs have won artistic acclaim and are featured at art galleries in Utah, Florida and Pennsylvania.
Marcee was educated in computers and accounting but at the age of 27 her life took a turn as she began a past time of repurposing antique furniture. Through her antiquing connections she met artists who invested in her talent and at the age of 50 she stepped away from her business career to persue her artistic passion. Her pieces sell in high end galleries and have been awarded prizes at juried competitions throughout the United States.
Educated at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, Tania has a varied professional background in modeling runway and print, acting as a featured extra in film productions and working as a Production Assistant as well as a Director’s Assistant in Television and Major Motion Pictures.
Megan has established herself within the Operatic world as a singer, marketing specialist and program coordinator for Opera Recycles. She has learned to strive for balance in her career and home life while building a solid career with the help of mentors and friends.
Although Chris did not grow up on a farm his grandparents instilled a love of gardening and nature into his life. With a background in horticulture working for NCDOT he has transformed his love of flowers into a farm visited by locals and tourists.
Founded in 2011 and incorporated as a 501c3 in 2013, Leilani Mae is a full service boarding facility for horses in need of rescue. Many horses in the United States face shipment to the slaughter houses of Canada and Mexico. The founder of the rescue shares valuable information regarding current and needed legislation to protect wild horses and bred horses throughout the US from the horrible fate of the kill pens.
Horticulture expert Shannon McCabe tells of her love of gardening rare vegetables and flowers as well as her time working with Baker Creek to promote Heirloom Seeds.
Do you struggle with why you make the same type of decisions over and over again? This podcast is for you! Let’s explore how your personality type can affect your individual decision making process. You will learn how to identify key decision points, build a decision making model and execute a decision making process.

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Emily Kramer is a fashion and art photographer, costume and couture designer with experience in several art mediums. Her designs have been on the runway for New York Fashion Week, Charlotte Fashion Week, Charleston Fashion Week and her work has been displayed at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, New York Fashion Institute and the Savannah College of Art and Design. EmilyKramerDesigns.com
Samantha Eng is a Brand Visibility Specialist. She is experienced and highly skilled in communication, brand management, client relations, social media and public relations. These skill sets have helped her clients thrive as her independently owned marketing firm works with clients to provide the connections needed for their brand to flourish.
Josh spent his childhood and adolescent years in the DC area. He shares his experiences of having a Dad that worked for NASA, obtaining his engineering degree in NC and being a stand-in actor and extra on several Television Shows and Movies.
Raised and educated in the Carolinas, Marianne is a licensed speech and language pathologist. She shares her journey of a career which meets a need for those who have been born with speech issues or who have suffered loss of speech due to illness, accidents or surgery.
Ultra Runner, Engineer, Body Builder, Teacher, Artist, are all words that describe Jennifer. Her life is a passionate discovery of her place in the world.
Susan Mayer grew up in a Parish in rural Louisiana. Inspired by her grandparent who were home builders she pursued an education in Architecture at Louisiana Tech and ultimately changed her career path to Historical Preservation.
Lyndsee speaks about her background in the beauty industry, her sucesses in eco-couture design, modeling, the challenges of pagentry and her platform of environmental awareness. She also shares some of her personal experiences with bullying and gies advice to young women regarding keeping a positive sense of self worth in an era of Social Media.
Eight year old Taylor King was having difficulty in school due to poor eyesight and mathematical comprehension. Her parents took her to a series of doctors which concluded with a geneticist and a diagnoses of a rare genetic defect-Batten’s Disease. The sixteen years that followed have been an incredible journey of hope and perseverance culminating in the creation of Taylor’s Tale, a nonprofit foundation that promotes genetic research for rare disease and advocacy for those who are diagnosed as well as their families. Taylor’s mother Sharon was instrumental in passage of Taylor’s Law which helped to create the Rare Disease Advisory Council in the State of North Carolina. In the following years several more states have adopted laws for patient advocacy and created advisory councils. Millions of lives have been affected in a positive way. Taylor passed away 2 years ago at the age of 20 but her family is still seeking treatment options for Battens Disease culminating in an FDA approved clinical trial funded by the foundation named for her. I hope that you enjoy this family’s remarkable story.
Ella Grace has been a model since 11 years of age when she auditioned at an open model call. In the past four yerars she has had the opportunity to walk in NY Fashion Week, be featured on the cover of Pump magazine and her photographs were featured on Vogue-Italia online. I hope you enjoy hearing about her journey as a young model, balancing school and travel and her recent change to musical theater.
Wilma shares her experiences of growing up in Mississippi in a family of Health Care Professionals. Her education and career is in pharmaceuticals but her passions are antiquities and Delta Gamma. She shares the lessons learned in life and her aspirations for the generations who follow.
Lindsey is a Reiki Master, Massage Therapist and Certified Reflexologist. She shares her path from being educated and working as a Graphic Artist to traveling to Africa and ultimately connecting with her spirituality and changing careers.
Roman is a competitive dancer who holds several titles. He grew up in the Ukraine and speaks about the differences between that life and life in the United States. He currently teaches ballroom dance in Charlotte, NC.
JP has led a colorful life starting as a disc jockey for house parties in the ’90’s and moving upward to hosting remote sessions at night clubs on local radio stations. In the past decade he has branched out into the fashion industry as a one stop shop for lighting and sound at Fashion Shows culminating in production of the Evolve Fashion Show series in South Carolina.
Dr. Athey discusses her practice working with adults going through stage of life transitions, adult relationships, and children with ADD or ADHD. She provides some insight into how COVID 19 is affecting everyone.
From the runways of New York to being a worship leader and road manager for Gospel Artist Eddie James, Kenzie’s life transformation is inspiring. She has traveled the world in the past three years while graduating high school online. She describes her struggles with self rejection and learning to accept herself and others. Currently, she is in the studio working on her first music album and looking forward to God’s plans for her future.
Darrin shares stories of growing up in North Carolina, his career choices and running the Uwharrie 100.. He specializes in permitting and mitigation for wetlands and speaks about environmental preservation of our creeks and streams. Also, he shares his story of determination through running distance races..
An Aeronautical Engineer who worked on theoretical design of aircraft, Alina currently spends her retirement from the industry as a Non-Profit Manager and Opera Singer.
Fashion Designer Shivani Jain shares her insights concerning life in India and her experiences in the Fashion Industry.
Veteran of the US Armed Forces and active in the Veterans Administration for many years, Dana shares her journey of growing up on a small farm in Florida to working with our Veterans.


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